The Garage Campus is being built in the Chemnitz-Kappel district, at a site of historical significance and great potential for overall urban development. The district, which is located close to the city center in the west, is both a residential suburb and an industrial suburb. In the age of industrialization, Kappel developed into an industrial location with production facilities of inter- national reputation. The district is home to numerous factory and administrative buildings, large arterial roads, Wilhelminian style houses, prefabricated buildings and the trade fair area. With the former depot and tram depot, the birthplace of public transport in Chemnitz is also located here.

Das Garagen-Campus Areal von oben


The complex, which is in need of an overall renovation, includes seven buildings with open spaces on an area of around 30,000 m2 next to it. Up to 10,000 m2 of space is available indoors

Historischer Lageplan des Garahen-Campus an der Zwickauer Straße


The CVAG depot Kappel is the oldest depot of the Chemnitz public transport. It was commissioned on April 22, 1880, with the opening of the first horse-drawn tram line. Initial structural changes included a wooden carriage shed with four tracks for 20 vehicles and a coachman’s room. The first significant remodeling of the depot took place in 1893 with the introduction of electric rail operation.