The Garage Campus is born from the passion of many.

The Garage Campus offers a wide range of participation opportunities to actors who want to commit to the project in the short or long term: Contact us if you would like to actively support or partner. We are looking for sponsors and entrepreneurs who want to realize their ideas for the future in the interaction of the Garage Campus and strive for close interaction with science, business, art and crafts. You want to be part of it?


Dirk Dobiéy • Tina Winkel • Claudia Großkopp 
+49 (0)163 521 64 53

My Garage

Garages play a central role in Chemnitz’ application to become European Capital of Culture. What happens in Chemnitz’ many hidden garages will be made visible as part of the European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025. There are craftsmen, do-it-yourselfers and those who make things happen in their private garages. Garages offer space to store curiosities, but also to meet with neighbours and friends, to realise projects together and to celebrate parties. The Garage Campus unites what is happening in the many garages in Chemnitz and will symbolically open its doors as a large garage to make the hidden visible and to welcome Chemnitz, the region and Europe.

What’s happening in your garage? Feel free to send us a photo of a view into your garage to!