We would like to thank our sponsors for their support!104A1220 / December 2023


As a colourful team of representatives from the City of Chemnitz, Age of Artists gGmbH and Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG, we are developing the Garage Campus a little further every day as a lively space for encounters, learning and creativity.

With a budget of around 5 million euros for the renovation of the central building wing, supported by the City of Chemnitz and additional funds from the “Zwickauer Straße” framework plan, we can largely finance the central building wing of our campus and take the next steps.
On 6 December 2023, local companies Railbeton Haas GmbH, Sparkasse Chemnitz, Iproplan Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Hörmann Vehicle Engineering GmbH, Volkswagen Automobile Chemnitz GmbH, Digital Color Service GmbH, Chemnitzer Ingenieurbau Consult GmbH and RAC Service GmbH also pledged their financial support and jointly signed the sponsorship agreements for the Garage Campus: A valuable contribution on our way to becoming European Capital of Culture 2025.

“The financial support of Chemnitz companies for the Garage Campus is a great sign for Chemnitz on its way to becoming the European Capital of Culture 2025. It shows that we are jointly committed to preserving buildings of historical importance to the city while at the same time developing sustainable concepts for the future.”
Jens Meiwald – CVAG Board of Management

Our building mayor also emphasized the financial support of the city of Chemnitz in the expansion of the area and gave an outlook on planned developments along Zwickauer Straße, as a new redevelopment area of the city.

With a total sum of 110,000 euros, we are laying the foundation for the renovation of additional parts of the building that were previously not included in the budget. Our sponsors are thus playing a decisive role in the development of the Garage Campus!
Now there is only one year to go until 2025 and we can hardly wait to open our doors with you 🙂