Welcome to the GaragE campus

The Garage Campus is one of the major intervention spaces of the European Capital of Culture: Chemnitz 2025. The former tram depot of the local Chemnitz transportation company (CVAG) in the Kappel district offers a lot of undiscovered potential. The entire area is to be further developed into a leading cultural hotspot. The protected building complex is to achieve sustainable local and regional significance and at the same time become a place with transregional and European appeal. Through the conversion and further development of the existing architectural and spatial situations, a long-term, significant, sustainable and inclusive cultural location is to be created for the neighborhood, the city, the region and Europe.

Undiscovered design potential for creative people

The Garage Campus, a former tramway depot, is located in the Kappel district in the west of Chemnitz, close to the city center. With a direct connection to the public transport network (tram line 1), the area is part of an industrial environment. The protected complex, which is in need of redevelopment, is roughly equivalent to five soccer fields (30,000m²). Seven buildings with surrounding outdoor areas offer about 10,000m² of usable indoor space.

Evolving from the inside out to the center

The garage campus will be gradually developed from within, i.e. with the people and through an emergent approach. The active involvement, commitment and co-responsibility of local and regional actors, in the sense of a “social infrastructure”, is a central component of our approach. Learn more about what is happening on the ground:

Ausschnitt aus dem Garagen-Campus bei Schnee.

Our Campus-Tour to read

This year, we have been giving tours of the Garage Campus on the last Friday of every month and experiencing together with you how the area is developing bit by... Mehr lesen

Jens Meiwald, CEO of CVAG, presents the sponsors of the Garage Campus with a gift as a thank you for their sponsorship


As a colourful team of representatives from the City of Chemnitz, Age of Artists gGmbH and Chemnitzer Verkehrs-AG, we are developing the Garage Campus a little further every day as... Mehr lesen

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100 years of city the bus

The Tramway museum celebrates 100 years of city buses. A diverse programme starts on the 3rd of September with an omnibus parade with historic vehicles from the omnibus station towards... Mehr lesen


Wanted – people who want to create something new

The Garage Campus has the potential to fill out the yet to use spacial und cultural potential in Chemnitz and the region. It enables action-oriented and experience-based learning, experiencing, designing and meeting. It makes creativity visible, creates space for makers and innovation, establishes a creative ecosystem and strengthens the European identity. The Garage Campus improves inner-city, regional and international relations, attracts talent and makes a fundamental contribution to the attractiveness of the city.

The Garage Campus is the result of the commitment of many.

You want to be part of it?

The team behind the Garage Campus

The participatory development of the Garage Campus within the framework of the Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 is coordinated by a core team consisting of employees of the City of Chemnitz, the local transportation company CVAG, Age of Artists gGmbH and the the railway club Straßenbahnfreunde Chemnitz e.V. Learn more about the team behind the scenes.