Container for building consultation / March 2023

Start of the construction phase

Since the beginning of March 2023, construction work has begun on the grounds of the Garage Campus. The buildings of the complex around the event hall are being renovated. The work includes the repair of the buildings, the construction of sanitary facilities, the relocation of the necessary electricity connections as well as ensuring all fire protection precautions. The former administration building of the local public transport company will be restored to its original historical condition up to the first floor. Around 3 million euros are currently available for the redevelopment work, and will be provided by planned funds for the intervention areas of the Chemnitz city administration as well as by additionally acquired funds from the “Zwickauer Straße” framework plan.

“The use of the site for events will be limited during the construction phase. The construction work is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024, so that the site will once again be fully available for events in time for the Capital of Culture year 2025,” explains David Joram, Head of Technical Services at CVAG. The coachman’s house and the old forge remain unaffected by the construction work for the time being. In order to protect these two buildings, which are in danger of collapsing, the construction vehicles will largely be guided along the path between the two building complexes, the so-called track zero. An asphalt layer has been temporarily applied to the narrow-gauge tracks running there for protection.